Our busy, hectic lives make it easy for our bodies to fall out of balance. Really fall! Stress, anxiety, a lack of sleep and an endless to-do list can impact our mental, as well as physical state. When we are out of balance we may feel it in the form of physical or emotional pain or discomfort. At Sound Mind & Body we offer Therapeutic Massage, Sound Therapy, Thai Bodywork and Yoga as a means to assist the body and the mind to relax, releasing patterns of tension and bringing imbalances back into alignment. It’s like an attitude adjustment for body, mind and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
The use of therapeutic touch helps to relieve tension, pain and discomfort. Discover a place of wholeness and tap into your body's natural healing powers.

Sessions guide the beginning yogi as well as the more seasoned yogi into their practice with a solid foundation of breathwork and proper alignment. Specific cueing takes you through the postures with ease and confidence. Private, semi private and group classes are offered.

Sound Therapy
Transition your mind and body into a place of relaxation and meditation. Gongs, Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks use their vibrational energy to shift your body into a more complete, harmonious state.

Every Session is Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Each session is approached with respect, honesty, empathy, experience and professionalism and is specific to your needs.