“The Way of Water Massage & Bodywork was inspired by my lesson that water finds the path of least resistance to get to its goal, and does so by letting go, moving with ease and grace. This is a core philosophy to how the Way of Water approaches, individually, each client and their specific needs.


As a Massage Therapist, my passion is to provide support for the mind and body. By looking at the body as a whole, the source of your pain and discomfort can be better determined and effectively treated, while offering a sense of balance and harmony through massage.

I provide holistic massage and bodywork that uses a combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques tailored to your individual needs. Massage, performed well, can help your body to function effortlessly and without pain the way it is designed to.

Allow yourself to experience how professional massage can provide relief of overall stress, improve mobility and reduce pain. Create a sense of improved overall wellbeing at The Way of WaterMassage and Bodywork.