Level Up Your Brain and Body Connection

With our busy, hectic lives it's easy for our bodies to fall out of balance. Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep all affect our physical and mental state. When we are out of balance we may feel it in the form of physical or emotional pain or discomfort. At Sound Mind & Body, we help bring imbalances back into alignment and to reach a meditative state. Through massage and sound therapy, we assist the body and mind to relax, self-heal and release patterns of tension.


Therapeutic Massage
The use of therapeutic touch helps to relieve tension, pain and discomfort. Discover a state of wholeness and tap into your body's natural healing powers.


Focus on relieving muscle and joint tension as well as increasing the rate of pain recovery through Thai Yoga Bodywork and Cupping.


Sound Therapy
Take out all of the clutter and transition to state of relaxation and meditation. The use of vibrational energy helps your body shift back into harmony.

Every Session is Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Each session is approached with respect, honesty, empathy, experience and professionalism and is specific to your needs.