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Your "vibe" is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. So how you vibe is directly influenced by your life style. Proper sleep, nutrition, water, physical activity and a positive mental attitude are all essential to maintaining a “sound mind and body”. Your physical body has a natural, healthy state of functioning as does your emotional, mental and spiritual states. When we are out of balance we may feel it in the form of physical or emotional pain or discomfort. Healing is about bringing that imbalance back into alignment with its natural state of being.  Assisting the body and mind to relax facilitates self-healing, releasing patterns of tension, imbalance and stress.


At Sound Mind and Body Therapeutic Massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Sound Therapy are used to affect positive change to the body, mind and spirit. The use of therapeutic touch and vibrational energy helps guide you into a place of wholeness - feeling relaxed, happy, easy, comfortable and pain-free. There are few things better than being able to offer relief to people whether it be from physical pain or from the many adverse effects brought on by life's stressors. I am truly honored and humbled each and every time I have the opportunity to assist. I whole-heartedly love what I do and I believe it shows in my work. Each session is approached with respect, honesty, empathy, experience and professionalism and is specific to your needs.